Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing with Product!

Hi! I'm just back from another show. This one was in Indiana, long ride but well worth it. We met a lot of nice people, some who knew of us and seemed really happy that we were there and some who had not heard of us and also seemed happy to discover us. We've been demonstrating our Jewel It stamps at most shows, people don't seem to get tired of it. Now we have those hot, hot Viva Pearl Pens to combine with the crystals and people are loving them! Take a look at the Easter Egg Tree Jenny did in the Weekly Card Ideas! It's a little hard to see in the picture, but the Pearl Pens make adorable 3-D eggs! This is another way the Pearl Pens are so versatile!

I've started using the Pearl Pens on the centers of our Posy series, they are a nice alternative to the crystals. I find the centers still need a crystal or two to pull it together, but the Pearl Pens work great on these.

By the way, the flowers that you see here have been created with a new product from the Viva people. It's fabulous! I'll share more about that soon!

These other little blobs you see on the wax paper are just that... blobs of Pearl Pen. They peel
right off the wax paper and you have little pearl gems to add to projects, any color or size that you need!