Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funky Posy Center

Today my big find is one of our older stamps, (B-647) Poinsettia Center. It was originally added to our collection to be a center to our Poinsettia Toppers if someone wanted to make a card with the Poinsettias instead of a Topper. Anyway.... I found this stamp to be a funky, simple alternative to the elegant centers of the Posies (though I love working with those as well).

Stamp and emboss the center on a colored card stock that would make a good complementary center (I used gold). Drop a small mound of Glossy Accents on each little circle of the Poisettia Center and sprinkle lightly with some glitter. Let dry. You can repeat this if you want the centers to 'pop' more.

Stamps Used: Oval Posy Lg (G-1022), Pointed Posy Lg (E-1042) , Oval Posy Med (E-1023) , Pointed Posy Med (E-1043) , Poinsettia Center (B-647) , Tiny Happy Birthday (AA-839) , Busy Bee Lg (B-82) , Busy Bee Sm (A-83)


  1. Congratulations and welcome to the land of Bloggers... it is very exciting to see a blog for Outlines. Love this card and love the new posies line.
    Have fun !!!

  2. Hi Kathy!!! Welcome to Blogville!!! Love these glossy flowers!

  3. Love the artwork and all the ideas from Outlines. I need to know what type of paper works best when coloring with inks, chalks, markers. I am using a regular cardstock and I don't seem to blend the lines so it looks like variegated colors rather than just coloring. Any suggestions??

  4. Stamping is not an exact science, especially when working with papers. I do lots of trial and error. One paper I know works well with water soluble markers, such as Tombows,is our Water Color Shimmer paper. Also, tried and true, is our White Luster for Copic Markers. Lots of paper don't blend well, so experiment with edges of your paper.