Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back from shows! CA, GA and FL in two weeks!

Once again I have not been in touch on a regular basis--but I will try again! My the time zips by! We got back last weekend from back-to-back shows. Starting with CHA in Los Angeles, then an Heirloom show in Atlanta followed by the next weekend at Stampfest by the Bay in Clearwater Florida. We also squeezed in 5 days in between at Disney! As you can guess, the grand-kids were with us . It was a whirl-wind. I think we have all just barely recouped and are trying to move forward. Got lots to do!

Here are the kids at the end of a very long week and a half! It's the end of the final show in Clearwater and time to get into the truck for a 22 hour drive! I'd say they held up pretty good!

Ella shows off our booth. I demo our Jewelry & Pearl Pens. It was great to see our customers!

We presented a new series at CHA in L.A. which will be launched on our website around the beginning of April. Watch for it, I think it's going to be great! Here's a sneak peak of one of the designs. It's a loose, fun series that is so easy to work with!
Debbie and I were the only ones at CHA so there wasn't as much time as we would have liked to spend time looking for new product. We did find some new papers and misc. items which will be added to our website soon. I spent a lot of my time in the Viva booth ( producers of Pearl Pens) learning about some of their other products. We've been using their pens mostly on our jewelry designs, but they complement many of our other stamps. I'm working with Posies and a new product from Viva. We're looking forward to bringing in new products soon.


  1. Love your stamps! I have purchased some Viva pens and am looking forward to using them soon:) I appreciate your weekly newsletter.

  2. I love your whole line of everything and love to look at the things you design.

  3. I love so many of your stamps. The sample cards you put in the newsletter and on the web site are so inspiring. Will you ever be coming to the Carson, California stamp show? It is held 3 times a year. I always attend (and go way over my budget) with my card making group.

  4. Thanks so much, it's ALWAYS so nice to hear! It keeps us going! Though we have started to travel a bit further, I think CA may still be out of our range for a show. We were able to fly to CHA in L.A., but driving (with our stamps)is just too far, for right now anyway. We would love to be able to, going to new shows and meeting new people is always a blast!

  5. Loved, loved, loved your booth at the Heirloom Festival in L'ville, GA! Couldn't get enough of your beautiful stamps and sent all my friends over to see you. Keep the art flowing and we'll keep buying.

  6. Thanks for sharing pics of the shows, Kathy!
    I adore attending the shows that visit the Dallas area each year ... so fun to meet stampy friends!

    ~Bev Gerard
    Outlines Design Team 2011

  7. I to go to the Carson Ca 3 times a year and would love to see you there at least once! I really like your stamps alot and have even talked to u on the phone and ordered from u!!

  8. I was so pleased with your stamps and demonstrations at the Heirloom Festival in Georgia. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!