Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting serious about Viva!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Three hellos because as usual I've missed getting on here for way too long! Will I ever get better? Maybe not, but I will keep trying. My excuse now will be: the plants need planting, the weeds need weeding, the lawn needs mowing, etc, etc.! But it is sure nice to have spring in the works! Speaking of works, I've got a GREAT look in the works for our Posies. I can brag about it because it is truly all in the product. It is called Viva Modelling Cream. On my last blog, I teased you with a picture, but here are some basic directions.

Stamp one of each of Extra lg, Lg, Medium and Small sized Posy. Using compatible colors of ink and paper probably works best, but are not absolutely necessary. Cut away excess paper leaving a tab to hold on to. This tab will make working with the cream easier, so try not to forget it. Turn over and apply a light to medium coating of the Modelling Cream to the unstamped side of the paper with an off-set palette tool. This is going to look very messy, but not to worry!
Before the paint dries, pounce with a small wad of saran wrap to give it texture. You can leave this to air dry or dry it with a heat gun. Using the heat gun has two advantages: first it will dry immediately so that you can continue on and second, it will give it more texture.

Turn over and cut out leaving the tab on.

Apply Viva Holo Iridescent Glitter Liner to each petal. Put a dab on each petal and spread with your finder. Allow to air dry and cut tab off.
Shape petals by bending up at the center then curl over your finger in the opposite direction. The Modelling Cream makes the petals very durable and pliable. Layer the petals using 3-M mounting tape. Double the tape for more depth.

Make a center for your Posy. You can experiment with different ways to do this. Stamp out a few centers from your Posy and try Pearl Pens, crystals or a combination of both. Just a large gem in the middle looks great. A combination of two of our filigrees and a crystal gives them a really elegant look.

Another tip, since we only carry the filigrees in the gold color you may need to make the silver color if you desire silver. Spray paint does okay but one more Viva product does a great job, Inka Gold Paste. We carry it in silver and graphite. The graphite makes a good dark silver. I've posted several pictures of cards that I've done with these Posies to our website. Hopefully they will give you some ideas for creating your cards!


  1. will you be selling the viva products at the West Springfield stamp show in June?

  2. Kathy---I just gotta say...OUTLINES RUBBER STAMPS are one of my faaaavorite companies! I just gave some stamps to my "secret sister" (swap) and now she is hooked! :)

  3. Wow ... oh WOW!!
    This new product looks marvelous, Kathy!!

  4. Sorry, I just don't get it. Why colors in Modeling Cream when the gold glitter is applied to the top side, covering the cream?