Thursday, June 9, 2011

Viva Decor's Paper Soft

Well once again its been a long time since I've been in touch.  I won't give you all the excuses because it will take up the whole page.  I do appreciate those of you who keep checking in!  I hope I haven't lost too many of you! I have to say that I did take a break from my stamp table for part of the time.  Now that I'm here again I am loving working with the Serendipity Series.  At the moment I'm working with some of the mini ones.  They're fun because they are smaller to work with and I don't feel the need to shade the entire background, not that you have to even with the large ones, but I like to.
I like having some background color with these instead of just leaving it white.  I was and still am into using the Pebbles Chalk Sets for coloring the whole  background.  I've been trying different ways to color just the corners and edges.  At first I wasn't sure, but I am really convinced the Viva's Paper Soft is GREAT for this! All the samples I made have muted coloring around the corner and edges, adding a nice look. The handled sponges are fabulous and a must have!  I labeled my handles with the color I used it in and just leave it without washing it out, it's easier that way. When you open your jar of paper soft the sponge at the top will be white.  You need to pounce  it with
your handled sponge until the color comes to the top, then you can begin. 
Pounce to get color on your sponge then pounce the edge of your card till you get the desired look. One tip I found helpful is sometimes I felt the need to get some of the color off of the edges of the sponge by rolling the edge on scrap paper.
Don't feel this is the only use for this product, you can color a whole piece of paper if you desire.
Also at times I pounced over one color with a different color to achieve a different shade. 
Play with it and I think you will love it!
Well I'm off to put in a Viva order that will include Paper Soft, so look for it soon on our site!

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  1. what a sweet card! and we all need a break from things now and again... That is 'life'.. good to see you back!