Friday, December 9, 2011

Ornament Toppers with Sarah Orr!

Merry, Merry and Happy, Happy......

I had to show you these toppers from Sarah.  She had been featured on our site a couple of years ago.
She creates the most beautiful toppers and her attention to detail is amazing!
The samples she sent were made with one of our more recent Ornament Toppers, Jewel Topper (I-1067). We designed this Topper with the idea that it it would be easier to work with, and it is.  The results are stunning and I think it is my favorite! 

Pearl pens work well on this one if you don't want to get into the crystals.
My photography is not great so its hard to see how really beautiful these are.  I put them on white balls
so they would show up in the photo, but other co-ordinated colors would work really well.

Here's a couple of tip how Sarah makes these look so beautiful.....
She does a lot of outlining with glitter (not glitter glue).  It's not as hard as you think if you use the Quickie
glue pen. I think Sarah does it with Art Institute Glue and the fine tip applicator.
The addition of the long string of  beads is the other embellishment that make these outstanding.  Again, not as hard as you think if you buy the pre-strung beads as shown in the photo. 
Adhere them to the back as shown. 

One tip... when you cut them on the ribbon part, adhere some glue, crystal lacquer or similar product to keep the edges from fraying.  She also layers them which gives them a lot of depth.

Thanks for sharing Sarah!!

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  1. Sarah is my dear friend. We all have been inspired by her and love making the ornament toppers. I sell mine to my friends and I sell them as fast as I make them. I have sold about 75 ornaments so far. I will send some pictures.
    Happy Christmas to all!
    Susan- Bellaire, TX