Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Posy Centers & my Cuttlebug

I wanted to share some Posy Centers/Cuttlebug ideas. These centers can give your Posies a bold, funky look. All these Posy petals are made with US Artquest Artist's Cement... a whole new look, but I'll talk about that more in a future post!
For these centers, I ran the brown cardstock through The Cuddlebug and then bleached the the dots out with household bleach. This particular paper bleached to a nice yellow, but all paper bleaches differently, so test your papers out first. For more info on Outlines' Bleaching Technique, visit our step-by-step instructions on Bleaching.

The 3 centers you see here were made from Cuddlebug embossed sheets. The base sheet is a color I choose that I thought would be appropriate for the centers, I then embossed with the Cuddlebug patterns. I punched a center out using a 1" round punch and added color to the embossed parts of the centers.

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