Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Tree & Glitter

Here's another sneak preview of a new tree we're releasing soon! I've been a "want to be glitter person" but haven't jumped into it because I wasn't sure about adhesive, etc. I've used the Quickie Glue pen for small areas and it's great because it really does allow you to get into small areas. So I jumped into this one and glittered the whole tree, not without some mistakes, but I think I have it figured out.
I used US Artquest matte finish PPA (perfect paper adhesive) brushing it on to cover the entire surface that I wanted to glitter. You then just pour your glitter on and tap off excess. If it's a large area, it's probably best to do it in sections. My big mistake discovery was not putting on a really good layer of adhesive. Without a heavy coat of glue, the glitter has a tendency to run off leaving a very messy look. I do love all the glitter look! I used a microfine glitter we carry and sell. I really like the microfine as opposed to the larger crystals, but the color choice is limited.

One more little thing, a coating of the PPA over the glitter gives a really nice look, less glittery, but really nice. A coating of crystal lacquer gives a shiny glitter look, neither is necessary however.
So long for now, back to summer fun, it's almost over!

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