Friday, October 28, 2011

Coloring Large Areas with Markers.

One question we get asked is, "What do you use to color with to get such vibrant colors?"  It's
not easy to answer because many different methods are used.  Some people are not ready to
invest in Copic markers and want some info. One of my favorite methods for large areas is coloring with
Tombows (others will probably work) and pulling the color out with water.  I use the water barrel
brushes.  Here are some simple to follow instructions:
(1) Use paper that will allow you to blend the colors.  I use the paper called Shimmer that we
 carry online.  It actually works better than some that I've seen labled for "watercolor."

(2) Outline the cat with Black Tombow as shown.
(3) Using a water barrel brush filled with water, pull the color from the edges toward the center.
     IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not stop till you are done, working back and forth so that none of the
    edges dry out.  If it dries out at any point there will be a distinct water mark that is hard to get rid of.
The pumpkin was done just a little differently, with more area colored with the marker and a second
color added to give it a blended two color look.

Tombows used:
Black N15, Orange 925, Yellow025
Background paper: Graphic 45 Le Cirque

Black and white dotted ribbon was used and the dots colored to coordinate with colors used.
The cats eyes have a dab of Viva Glass Effects (clear) which gives a nice effect.
Dots of gold Viva Pearl Pen in the swirls of the pumpkin also added a nice effect.
Another hint: when you looking for vibrant color, color in your area, then color over it again with the
same color or sometimes a different color.  Experiment with this, you will be pleased with the results!

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to color large areas with marker without getting those blotches, streaks, and lines that screamed "amateur" and which totally destroyed my intended finished look. Your tips with coloring with one color then coming back with another color on top have eliminated my frustration. I'm so excited; I can't stop practicing and cannot wait to apply these principles to my current WIP. Again thank you! : D