Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Extended

Hi and Happy January!
The weather we have been having in CT makes for a very happy January.  Love it!  No snow yet and moderate temperature.  I know it won't last, but I'm really enjoying it.  I'm attempting to spruce up our display of Ornament Toppers for upcoming shows, so you may find it redundant to have me posting Christmas items now, but as I do it I'm coming up with some new ideas and wanted to share them.  The picture of this Poinsettia Topper may look like most of the others but I did a couple of things that I hadn't tried before.  Don't forget some of what I did can be applied to other projects, especially the posy series.
(1)  For the first time I used both the Poinsettia Topper Large & Poinsettia Topper Small stamps and both the Holly Topper Large & Holly Topper Small stamps.  I call it fully-loaded.  I like the very full look it creates.
(2) I also added the Ornament Bottom stamp to the bottom of the ornament.  I usually get lazy about
 adding it, but it's really quite simple and adds a nice finishing touch.
(3) The BIG thing that I have wanted to try is so simple and really makes a difference for preserving
 the topper!  After all, we do want these passed to the next generation, don't we?
 Before cutting the topper out I spread Crystal Lacquer on the top, flipped it over when dry, and did the same to the back.  Then I cut it out.  The Crystal Lacquer will preserve it and stiffen it, making it less likely to get destroyed.  Also, if cutting out after putting the lacquer on, the embossing WILL NOT CHIP.  If you don't know what Crystal Lacquer is, the best way I can describe it is to say after it is dry your project will have a hard glossy surface that is PLIABLE.  I like using my finer to spread it, it's easier to clean off than a brush.  ~Kathy
P.S. We are going to be working on updating instructions and many other things on the website.  If you
go to the instructions for the Poinsettia Topper, don't despair thinking that you have to outline the whole
thing with glitter glue, a good sparkle embossing powder works just fine.  Also don't think that vellum
is the only paper that should be used, many different paper products will do that all giving it a unique and
different look.

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