Friday, February 10, 2012

Create a Faniful Easter Egg Tree

Back from Atlanta.  It was a great show and we met so many nice people!  Well as promised, some basic directions for creating some very pretty Easter Eggs for hanging.  A bare branch from outside is a nice way to hang them, no need to go looking for that special tree.  I was lucky enough to find one that actually had a bird nest in it!  Cute addition!  I perched a little yellow chick on it.
I found the eggs I'm using at Pier One.  These were a good find because they are styrofoam which means
you can poke your wire into the center for hanging.  They did not look like they were styrofoam because
there was a hard coating over it.  I removed whatever they had at the top to hang it with and there was
a nice opening to stick a wire into!  I added glue to the wire to be sure it held. You can probably get plain old white styrofoam eggs and decorate them, I haven't tried that yet.

(1) I used paper from Graphic 45-Once Upon A Springtime paper pad. There are lots of nice papers in this pad for this project.
(2) I used stamps from our Mix and Match Posie Series.  For this particular one I used all the same
posy in all four sizes: Pointed Posy X-Large, Large, Medium & Small. Usually I use only the medium, small    and extra small and mix and match them.
(3) Stamp and emboss with gold embossing powder.
(4) Add glitter to tips.  I used a Quickie Glue Pen and Cupid Micro Fine Glitter from Art Institute which we
 offer on our website. This glitter is transparent so it doesn't show to its full potential over the blue paper, but it was the effect I wanted to achieve.
(5) I put a coating of Crystal Lacquer over the Posies, let dry and then put a coating on the backside
 before cutting out.  This will give a nice gloss and make the Posy more durable.
(6) I cut out along the edges and poked a small hole in the center to put the wire through.  I used the wires from Flower Soft that we also offer on our website. They are white and very fine and pliable.
(7) I added some of our crystals to give it some bling but not too much.  Light rose and Aquamarine were my choices.
(8) Before placing petals on the eggs bend them all forward and down so they will embrace the shape
of the egg.
(9) Have fun doing these and get creative with the posy shapes and combining papers!
You probably saw the eggs last week that had beads hanging from them. This adds a beautiful look!
They are sold in fabric departments attached to a ribbon.  No stringing of beads involved, just snip one
off and attach to the underside of the petal!
Have a great week and stay warm!


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  1. I had to come back since I had not seen your first post...This is such a fun idea and your eggs won't crack like the ones I have made...(I've had mine for years but they are difficult to store) Thank you for your wonderful idea!!!