Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jeweled Tree Topper

This week I've spent time tweaking the Jewels and Jewel Ornaments.  They do get shabby after a while.  They are looking a lot better!  I got a new tree to hang the Jewel Ornaments on and it is least I think so!  I hope it travels well.
Every time I'm at a show I look at the trees that hold the ornaments and think they need a star topper, so
finally I've made a couple.
The Nova Star Jewel stamp happens to be my favorite for an ornament because it is larger and stands out more on a tree.  It was also large enough for a star topper on the size trees we use and it gives the tree a completed look.  I will admit it probably would not quite cut it on a 12 foot tree, but on a smaller one it looks good!

After working on these for a whole week and was just about done, I remember a tip I got from Betty Bennett.  I really could have used it, but kind of forgot about it.  Last night I quickly put together one jewelry piece using her suggestion.  I will share it with you and I think it is going to change our whole approach to putting these pieces together. 
she suggested using Funny Foam to layer up the pieces instead of the
3-M mounting tape that we cut into little pieces to raise layers.  You can cut it into small pieces like we do with the mounting tape or cut out the whole shape and glue it to the underside.  I will do some instructions on it in the future!  Thanks Betty! 
I've also included a pic of some Easter Eggs with Toppers that I have been working on.  I'll talk more about them next week!  We're off to Lawrenceville, GA!  Stop by our booth and say hello!


  1. I can't wait - see you in Lawrenceville!!!!

  2. I love the Easter Eggs and can't wait to do some for myself.

    Will you be at the Stampfest in Clearwater, FL on Feb. 11?
    I hope so because I need to buy some more toppers.

    1. We are not going to be at Stampfest this year--
      sorry, maybe next year

  3. Lovely! Hope you have a great time!!