Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Last Egg!!

Are you bored with eggs yet?  I promise it's the last one!  The reason I get so repetitious is that I keep finding new things to do with a project.  Sometimes it's playing with different products and sometimes I actually find better ways to make it work by the time I'm on my 3rd, 4th, or 5th one.  I like to share these tips.  Also, often these tips can be applied to other projects, especially with the Posies.  So here are a few are a few more tips!  If you want more specific instructions, go back to the  previous blogs: Feb. 10th and 24th.

Adding Flower Soft to the tips gives a new look.  I like it.  We carry mostly the Ultra-Fine Flower Soft.  It is just what it says, ultra fine, and goes on nicely in small areas.  Their colors are a little limited in the Ultra Fine, but we offer what they have.  However I just found out, rather late, that they added some new ones, including white (yeah).  These have been ordered and will be available as soon as we receive them.

Scoring the petals for a different look, again adds a new look.  I turn the Posy over and score it from the center down to the end of the petal, then pinch the petal together from the right side.  You can see the different look that is achieved.  You could also pinch the petal together the opposite way and get another look.  I also always score the petal around the center to make bending the petals easier.

I decided that these really need spacers between the petals.  On previous instructions I said I used bead caps which turns out was a bad move.  Just a little square of foam tape with a hole punched in the center with a hand held plier type punch works really well.  Add a few drops of glue or Crystal Lacquer to keep them securely in place.  They really like to twist and turn.  By the way, Dr. Scholl's small round corn pads work well but could get pricey.

I added a fourth layer at the top by using the smallest petal twice and cutting the tips off.  When you are doing other projects with the petals don't forget this.  You don't always have to leave the tips on them.

Just a little note about the wires from Flower Soft.  If you don't own them you need to!  They do all kinds of good things.  I used them for hanging the eggs and put some gold paint on them.  They are very pliable, they can be colored, or you can add dots of flower soft to them to add to a project.  I haven't done this  yet, but they will work well for antennae on butterflies.  I like working with these better than wire.

Enough for now!  I've got to get working on some jewelry for Mandy to take to the Indiana show tomorrow, so I had better get started!  You will see some great jewelry tips on next week's blog so check it out!