Friday, February 24, 2012

More Eggs!

I'm still on an egg kick. I'm having such fun creating these eggs that I can't stop!  As I go along I keep finding new things to do with them and tips that are helpful and I can't resist sharing.
My blog on Feb. l0 gives the basics for doing one of these.  I took my own advice and got creative
with combining different Posies and different papers.  I had mentioned about hanging beads which really add another dimension to them. I want to give you a few tips about adding them.
I did not have the color beads that I wanted, but I did have white pearls, so as you can see I colored them to match with Copic markers.
Before you cut you beads apart, look at the strip carefully and you will see that there is a thread that will unravel.  If this happens the beads will fall apart, so apply dabs of Crystal Lacquer or glue and let them dry before cutting apart.
After cutting them apart attach them to the underside of the bottom petal using Crystal Lacquer or glue.  I also decided that there needed to be a separator between the petals to give them a little lift.  I used some bead caps that I had hanging around. I glued them in place to keep the petals in place.
I always use a bead cap for the top to give a finished look. This time I added drops of  Pearl Pen to the top to finish it off.  The edges were painted with Smooch paint.

Enough for now!  I think I might have to do one more egg next week because there are still a few
more tips I'd like to share. See you then!

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